Hempcrete Construction Materials

Breathable Lime-Based Plasters & Mortars

What is airPLAST?

Hempcrete Construction Materials

airPLAST is a ready-mixed specially formulated lime plaster, for heritage renovation and old building repair work, that guarantees breathability in old buildings.

It is simple to use: Just add water.

Your Problem: Trapped Moisture

Old buildings are usually built with soft building materials and built without cavities and/or damp preventative measures. Over time, many of these buildings have been renovated with conventional non-breathable cement-based plasters, modern waterproof paint, and waterproof membranes. These materials are not compatible with the older soft building materials, cause moisture to be trapped, and which leads to:

  • Damp
  • Delaminated plaster
  • Paint bubbling
  • Wall structure failure

Our solution: airPlast

Breathable lime-based plasters and mortars

  • Have been scientifically proven in Europe to allow old buildings to breathe
  • Compatible with older, soft building material
  • Cost effective and simple

4 Easy Steps to Use

This product can also be used with our Hemp building system
Hempcrete Construction Materials

Clean the wall from any loose plaster or material & brush off excessive dust with a block brush

Rebuild with airPlast and bricks where necessary

Apply a weak “watery” lime mix (1lime:4water) and damp it with a wet block brush

Apply airPlast breathable plaster once the surface is dry


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