Hempcrete Construction Materials

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What is Hempcrete?

Hempcrete Construction Materials

Non-load bearing masonry products are designed to produce environmentally friendly infill walls such as insulating envelopes and partition walls.

These systems are versatile and could be used with an engineer-approved structural frame but are not suitable to support any structure. In new builds or interior and exterior renovations, these are used for thermal, hydric, and acoustic regulation.

Benefits of Hemp Construction

Hempcrete Construction Materials

Eco friendly


Sound absorbing

100% natural

Blocks and Hempcrete

Fire resistant

Energy savings


and much more

The History of Healthy Buildings

Hempcrete is made from hemp shiv and lime which are naturally vapour-permeable and make for an inherently healthy living environment. During the eighties, it re-emerged in France to revolutionise medieval timber frame buildings by adding thermal performance, enhancing fire resistance, and mitigating pest, rot and mould damage.

What is Vapour-Permeability?

The ability of hempcrete to easily absorb and release moisture assists with regulating the buildings’ internal humidity, thus maintaining a healthy indoor air quality. Paints and plasters applied to hempcrete should be vapour-permeable for the wall to be able to regulate moisture and remain breathable.

Carbon Sequestration

The hemp plant is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. This aggregate in hempcrete absorbs so much carbon during its rapid growth that, even after the energy used in the production of the lime binder, more CO² is locked up in a hempcrete wall than is used to build it. In other words, hempcrete could have negative net-carbon emissions.


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